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Become a Value Added Reseller
Interested in becoming a astozi VAR? We have a great reseller program to help you deliver best-in-class solutions and services.
For Systems Integrators
Do you have a solution that would work well with astozi products. We are happy to explore the potential of a combined solution between your company and ours.
For Independent Software Vendors
Do you have your own software solution and want to integrate astozi products ? We have solutions to send sensor data to your system.


Value Added Reseller

The systemONE is an advanced tool for environmental monitoring for your customers:

  • easy to install
    Non-invasive and easy installation makes that the systemONE can be installed in already running objects without the need to perform any additional investment in existing infrastructure and the implementation has been reduced to a minimum
  • scalable
    With its easy scalability, dcms system can be installed in facilities with a capacity of one rack up to several hundred of racks. The systemONE is designed to grow with infrastructure of server room or data center. Adding the next devices to system is uninterruptible and requires no additional configuration
  • proactive monitoring
    The configuration panel of systemONE is based on www technology and gives you the ability to use it from PC, smartphone and tablet from any place. The dashboard allows you to configure the system, easy access to the collected data, visualization of data using charts and maps and fast access to the logs
  • optimize cost
    Proper management of cooling systems enables significant reduction in the cost of electricity of safe environmental values of the data center. The systemONE dashboard allows to analysis historical data and thus provides the ability to analyze trends and correlations between readings.


Monitoring solutions for System Integrators

As a system's integrator, you have your own products or solutions. use systemONE to increase revenue or enhance your product's value proposition.

  • we meet your needs
    systemONE is the solutions which you are looking for. We offer you professional, simple and mature solution for environmental monitoring based on sensor networks technology. With our solution you can expand your products for environmental monitoring of data center, server rooms, network access points, etc.
  • revenue
    astozi shares revenue with integrator’s that are interested in integrating with the astozi systemONE. Please contact a astozi sales representative for additional detail.
  • advantages
    Implementing astozi solutions gets you:
    • Decreased time to market and quick implementation
    • Reduced time and cost in R&D, manufacturing, testing and support
    • Expert, direct support from our astozi team


Monitoring Solutions for Independent Software Vendors

astozi provides a software integration platform for independent software vendors wishing to use our products with their own backend software application.

  • integration
    astozi devices API using HTTP layer
  • smart & simple
    Can be setup and receiving data in just a few minutes

  • security
    Data security and integrity maintained with strong encryption algorithms