systemONE – version 2.9

At the beginning of June, we released the latest version of our flagship product - systemONE. The current version of v2.9 brings many changes and improvements, greatly expanding the capabilities of our solution.

SystemONE solution is not only a solution for monitoring IT environments but also a system that helps in aggregation of measurement data in industry, pharmaceuticals, warehouses and many more.

The latest release of systemONE brings many important changes, among which we can distinguish:

- monitoring the availability and delays of devices and services in a computer network by supporting ICMP and TCP / IP protocols, which allows us to treat systemONE as a fully-fledged computer network monitoring tool,

- added support for the Modbus TCP protocol, so you can aggregate data from your existing industrial infrastructure. The very clear and flexible configuration of the Modbus TCP protocol allows for quick implementation and reading of measurement data,

- remodeling the notification module so that you can configure separate notification policies and assign them to individual sensors in the object. Using the new notification system allows you to customize your system's notification policies to your current corporate policies at every level. In addition, scheduling support for each contact enables the transfer of applicable policies and procedures, such as system shifts and seamless implementation.