systemONE – version 2.10

At the end of September, we released the latest version of our flagship product - systemONE. As always the current version (v2.10) brings many changes and improvements, greatly expanding the capabilities of our solution.

SystemONE solution is not only a solution for monitoring IT environments but also a system that helps in aggregation of measurement data in industry, pharmaceuticals, warehouses and many more.

The latest release of systemONE brings many important changes, among which we can distinguish:

Control devices outputs

This functionality greatly extends the capabilities of the systemONE solution as an environmental monitoring tool. It is possible not only to report on problems and anomalies but also to control devices such as light and sound signals and other devices connected to the output ports,

Pre-filtering rules

The ability to configure pre-filtering rules for the retrieved data, offset configuration for linear sensor calibration and filtering of already downloaded data.