News in SmartLine devices

In the last few months, the SmartLine devices have been significantly enhanced with new software features and hardware capabilities.

Below we present the most important changes and innovations in our SmartLline products.

News in hardware

leakage detector - SMART-PROBE-L-L10

The leak detector enables leakage of water and / or other non-aggressive liquids.
Unlike other products, our probes can be connected in series, making it possible to detect leakage on a much larger area.
This eliminates the need for costly flooding cable sensors, but it is also possible to accurately position the probes in locations exposed to leakage.

Leakage probes are compatible with both SMART-SENSOR-ISM wireless devices and SMART-SENSOR-ETH ethernet sensors.

module thermocouple K type- SMART-MODULE-T-K-L45

The thermocouple connector allows the K type probes to be connected to SmarLline sensors.
Thanks to this solution it is possible to measure temperature in industrial conditions.
The adapter supports K-type probes measuring from -200°C to +700°C with 2°C accuracy. The device has a socket for K type MINI thermocouple.

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