Functionalities of SmartLine devices

Due to the tremendous amount of inquiries for astozi's new products lines, we present a brief summary of the functionality offered by SmartLine devices:

Devices from the SmartLine product line:


  • wireless devices for measuring i.a.: temperature, humidity, current, shock
  • support for built-in sensors and external probes
  • full integration with systemONE


  • device working in LAN network to measure i.a.: temperature and humidity, currents, shocks
  • possibility to run in three operating modes: SMART-MOTE, SMART-LOGGER, SMART-INTEGRATION-KIT
  • support for multiple sensors simultaneously


Firmware for SmartLine devices:


  • full integration with the astozi systemONE solution
  • for SMART SENSOR devices


  • standalone measurement device
  • alarming - sms, email
  • data archiving for several years
  • dedicated functionalities to the IT, pharmaceutical applications and more


  • Integrators, advanced users, administrators
  • download measurements data
  • control the notification system in the device (eg tri-color LED, buzzer)
  • use SNMP, CoAP, MQTT, JSON and CSV technologies / protocols