astozi as the Silver Sponsor of Data Centre World 2015 Frankfurt

On 10-11 November 2015 at Messe in Frankfurt will be another edition of the World Data Centre Germany, the largest show of products for Data Center market in this part of Europe. Data Centre World Frankfurt is an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge, establish contacts by partners and vendors in Data Center market with customers who are looking for innovative products for their organizations. As a silver sponsor of the event, the astozi company will be proud to present a new version of its flagship product for infrastructure monitoring – dcms system.

astozi company was founded as a response to market demand for the provision of professional solutions and consulting services in the field of modern IT solutions. Expert knowledge of the founders and astozi partners are the most important foundation for creating our solutions that are not only innovative and modern but also simple in implementation and use.

One of the first solutions available on the market is the Data Center Monitoring System (DCMS), a system for monitoring environmental parameters of data centers and server rooms. DCMS allows you to get information about not only incidents and threats, but also gives access to the accumulated knowledge about the operating characteristics of object, which can be used to plan corrective actions and modernization and also to optimize the cost of maintaining data center infrastructure.

As a leading Polish manufacturer of monitoring systems for infrastructure, at the fair Data Centre World Frankfurt, we want to present the latest version of our flagship product – DCMS system. The functionalities of dcms system, which is great solution for monitoring data centers and server rooms, have been extended to allow its use in distributed environments.

The previous implementation of our system in the data center facilities showed that the dcms system allows to achieve measurable results in reducing TCO especially in reducing costs of failures and reducing infrastructure maintenance costs.

The latest version of the system expands both the functional area associated with the monitoring data center facilities, but primarily adds the ability to monitoring remote locations using our latest product line dcms mote ethernet. The ability to monitor the whole infrastructure with one system significantly expanded our product applications.

Monitoring of distributed IT infrastructure is crucial not only in large companies (corporations, banks) which have a lot of branches but also for ISP companies (Internet Service Provider), who have their infrastructure deployed in multiple locations. In any case, infrastructure failures resulting from eg. air-conditioning failure leads to measurable financial losses related to the interruption in the operation of the company.

The latest version brings not only the ability to support distributed infrastructure but also greatly enhances the ability to analysis of data center facilities. Functionalities such as heat maps allow you to perform advanced analysis and conclusions concerning the possibility of optimizing the entire infrastructure.

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