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Only the full product quality chain is counts

Caring for the quality of products produced in factories is not just about quality monitoring at the production stage, it is first and foremost to provide a full quality product chain.

Inherent element of every company is a warehouse where are storage raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.
Storing raw materials in abnormal conditions may not only result in loss of end-product quality, but may also contribute to faster wear and even damage to machines on the production line. On the other hand, the high quality product may be damaged during improper storage of finished products prepared for shipment to the customer.
Ensuring proper environmental monitoring in warehouses allows you to obtain high quality products delivered to your customers.

Astozi's solutions allow for environmental monitoring of storage facilities of unlimited size and design with unique wireless and wired communication technology. The systemONE solution also enable collaboration with dedicated probes for environmental monitoring of products and special purpose objects (potentially explosive, toxic and hazardous areas, and others).

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