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Monitoring environmental parameters in cities allows to assess the quality of the environment in which inhabitants live.
In addition to the most common aspect of air quality monitoring in urban areas, urban environmental monitoring also includes monitoring of noise, sunlight, traffic, and many other parameters.
Continuous and uninterrupted monitoring of these parameters not only allows you to obtain information on the current state of the environment in the urban area, but also gives you the information you need to plan your city's development ie. creating land development plans, planning parks or green spaces.

Smart building = smart metering

Intelligent buildings are not only modern building infrastructure that meets the highest standards in the field. Primarily it is buildings where monitoring and management of the media, ie electricity, heat and others, is the top priority.
Immediate access to current demand for media, the ability to predict future consumption, and the ability to calculate tenants for energy consumption are among the key aspects of the optimal management of an intelligent building.

Astozi solutions

Astozi company has solutions to enable environmental monitoring in smart cities using state-of-the-art communication technologies.
In addition, Astozi's flagship solution "systemONE" enables communication with the intelligent building infrastructure, giving you unlimited possibilities for obtaining information about media consumption and current state of building infrastructure.

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astozi solutions for Smart City/Buildings

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