Monitoring of production processes

Process monitoring in industry is a very broad and complex issue.
The purpose of monitoring production processes is multidimensional and can be forced by the quality assurance department, the line maintenance department, or the production management department. Among many aspects of this, we can distinguish monitoring of the conditions in which machines and people work, monitoring the conditions in which products are produced or monitoring the condition of machines on the production line.

Astozi solutions provide full information on the current state of the production line, environmental conditions in factory halls, or the conditions under which machines operate on production lines. In addition, the company also has unique and specialized equipment that allows accurate and precise monitoring of industrial machine parameters (eg. CNC machine tools) so that it is possible to assess the utilization of these devices and take appropriate measures to optimize the work or plan for the modernization and maintenance of the equipment. Astozi solutions can be part of the TPM systems (Total Productivity Maintenance systems) and provide the ability to maximize OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) coefficients, so companies can effectively leverage available production resources.

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